ANSI Ball Valves

PBM’s ANSI Ball valves prevent coating and plugging. These valves can be cleaned in place (CIP) without process interruption using purge ports and either one or three specially milled ball flats.   Brochures: Industrial Brochure Marine Brochure   Product Bulletins: PBM-Product-Bulletin-Industrial-ANSI-Valves-AN5 PBM-Product-Bulletin-Lead-Free-Bronze-AN1 Certifications: API622_2013 Sil3_Approved_TNSeriesCertificateR1.2_2015 Sil3_Approved_ANSeriesCertificateR1.2_2015

Check Valves

PBM’s Spring-Less Check valves have an innovative poppet design that eliminates the concern of media entrapment and particulate generation associated with spring-loaded designs.   Brochures: Check Valve Brochure   Product Bulletins: PBM-Product-Bulletin-Sanitary-Check-Valves-VC-HC   Animations: PBM’s Springless Sanitary Check Valves Animation

Emission Reduction Valves

PBM’s Low Emission valves offer solutions to emission reduction. Average stem packing leakage ≤ 10 ppmv for the duration of the test (100 ppm allowable). Stem packing is suitable for service at temperatures of  -400˚ to 850˚F (-240˚ to 450˚C).   Brochures: Energy Brochure   Product Bulletins: PBM-Product-Bulletin-Industrial-Bolted-Instrument-Valves-IB PBM-Product-Bulletin-Process-Flow-Instrument-Valves-IM

2-Way Ball Valves (Industrial)

Whether the application is in a chemical plant, paper mill, food plant, manufacturing environment, or other industrial setting, PBM’s line of Industrial Valves can handle any type of rigorous and general purpose applications. ­­Unique Adjust-O-Seal® feature allows in-line valve adjustment to compensate for normal wear on valve seats.   Brochures: Industrial Brochure   Product Bulletins:…